Orion constellation panorama

In the beginning...when there was nothing here in the universe but the premordial Aether, endlessly shifting like a vast whirlpool of pure energy. It was nothing, yet it was everything. Then and there it needed no sustenance, no cause, no thought no sole. Just pure existence.

And then a single strand went out of the core into the traveled...and as it moved the fabric of time started to weave itself. And so the Firstborn of the universe was made CHRONOMALGIA the Diety of Time and Space itself. Only second to the Great Aethersource itself. But just like an infant, it had no knowledge, no thought whatsoever. Until it saw that everything was dark, except for a bright light. It tried to get closer, but a greater force pushed it away. It's only salvation seemed to be an appendage connected to the great mass of light. Chronomalgia toyed with it...trying to give it understand it...then it looked around...seeing great darkness, the being felt Fear for the first time, and whilst holding the fabric of time the second child of the universe was born EMORAK the Diety of Darkness and Despair. Being born of fear, it craved for more. With ravenous eyes, he quickly lunged at his brother, taking a bite out of Chronomalgia's left arm. Being Shocked by this, Chronomalgia quickly ran off closer to the Source. This time, he was not pushed, but he fealt heat for the first time, and the third child of the universe was born EFREET the Diety of The Flames and Stars. Upon seeing that the newborn brought great discomfort for his brother, Emorak manipulated the Flaming Efreet to assult Chronomalgia, but having been purified by the great source, the firstborn was enlightened and made another sentient being of the source, EMRIA, the Diety of Light and Greater Good. Upon being created, Emria gave of immense light, awestrucking Efreet and Emorak Alike. Chronomalgia ceased this moment and bound his two brothers using the endless strand of time, wrapping them until it formed an immense sphere. Here Chronomalgia resided, taking Emria with him. After some time the two remaining Dieties felt content, and with this the fifth Diety, GREAS who was annointed Diety of the Lands.